What this site is about.

It is about 1 Million Souls.

I have been obsessed about the Avian Flu for some time -- long before it was
popular to obsess about the flu. At least five years ago, probably more (today Nov
2005), I became very uneasy about prospects of terrorism and the use of biological
weapons against free states. I could not get the thought of the terrorists deploying
weapons based on the Spanish Influenza virus out of my mind.

On some scientific sites, at least one dedicated to science writing, I put forward
numerous warnings about impending terrorists attacks that I sensed were going to
happen. I expressed my biggest concern that terrorists would not use conventional
weapons of mass destruction, but would resort to cheaper, more effect, vehicles of
death. The thoughts of weapons of mass destruction weighed me down. I could not
get the image of terrorists trying to use biological weapons to destroy the
democracies of the free world. Recurring thoughts and feelings about awesome
power of the Spanish Influenza would not let me rest, and I was compelled by my
subconscious to warn people of the future.

I pleaded with those who read my posts to change the way we look at science and
it's dissemination of information. All in all, science has killed more than it has saved,
injured more than repaired, and if scientists continue on their annoying path to
enlightenment, science was going to enlighten the enemies of democracies and
provide those enemies with the tools for the free world's destruction. I yelled from
the highest mountain not to pursue the Spanish Influenza. Leave it alone! DO NOT
publish the genetic sequence of the SPANISH FLU!

I could not tolerate the negative comments from the people who responded by
ridiculing my concerns. The arrogance of science, working in its fantasy world,
laughed me off the sites. All I was asking for the scientists and fans of science was
to reconsider how we distribute our knowledge. I wanted the say, "Do not teach the
terrorists." Those who believe in the infallibility of science, however, seem to think
that they know better.

The Spanish Influenza genetic sequence has now been published. Anyone in the
world can now start building and improving on nature's death machine. The situation
now makes Nuclear weapons look obsolete. Build all the star wars defense systems
that you want, the enemies of the free state will walk under it, past the most
advanced ramparts, undetected, and unleash hell on earth. Idiot science has given
the devil the tools to build weapons of mass destruction from which there will be no
defense, and we provided the terrorists with the manual.

The idiots.

I do not accept any arguments telling us that this type of Influenza will not strike
humans ever again. There is a real probability that the deadly flu will naturally fall on
us in the next 1000 years. It is more likely, that humans will recreate the influenza
before nature makes the beast. Idiot scientists have made certain of that. Honestly, I
believe it is too late now, a biological Armageddon is approaching. When? I don't
know, but it is as real and certain as the oceans' tides.

What we have to do is prepare ourselves for the inevitable. The trouble with the
inevitable, however, is that we do not know when the event that we are preparing
for is going to happen. But remember, we prepare for fires and for most of us we
will never experience a fire.  Think of preparation for a Lost Souls Flu as a Flu Drill
-- it may never happen, but at least we are prepared.

People are gong to die. What we want to do is reduce the number of deaths as
much as we can, and then some more.

My intention is to collect 1 million lost souls. A lost soul would be a person, who
would have otherwise died, if it were not for this website, and others like it, that are
helping to educate and prepare people for a flu pandemic. This website is about you
and me, and what we can do to reduce the potential of a Lost Souls Influenza.  

Most webmaster look to make one million, even 1 billion dollars. I am not like that.
It just isn't in me. I pay for this site, and if I can generate a little interest, and
encourage one person to change and reduce the potential of the Lost Souls Flu, then
I have spent my money extremely well. Besides what's the point of being a
billionaire when 96 million people die. Makes the quest for wealth look like rather
superfluous. There are better things that we can do with our lives.
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Be smart
Don't be stupid
Get away from stupid
Act in the best interests of yourself AND your neighbour
Be educated
Practice a Flu Drill
Feel free to contribute your ideas to the website

Defending against a Lost Souls Flu can be viewed as a process. As our
knowledge about the flu increases and our education improves, we will
develop better defenses and strategies against threats from pathogens.
Knowledge and commitment to appropriate behaviors weakens the
pathogens potential.

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Avian Flu: taking control